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S400-SX4 80mm Billet Upgraded 360 Thrust Bearing S400 Turbocharger With T6 1.32 A/R turbine For 600-1300 horse power

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Compressor Flow over 120 lb/min

Turbo Features:

Twin hydrodynamic journal bearings

360 degree upgraded thrust bearing for performance 

Turbo billet compressor wheel

Compressor Flow over 120 lb/min

Compressor wheel : 80mm x 111mm

compressor wheel with extended tip Compressor inlet: 5.00"</br> Compressor outlet: 4.21"

Turbine Specs:

Turbine wheel exducer: 88mm

Turbine wheel inducer: 96mm

Turbine outlet: 5.75" v-band downpipe

Turbine A/R: T6 1.32 Cast in Inconel Material for high-temperature operation

Fit Vehicle: Universal performance turbo for big HP applications, racing car, diesel performance truck etc.