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Upgraded VIV V4 TD04-19T Billet Twin Turbochargers for BMW 335i 3.0L with N54

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With stainless turbine housing and manifold,which is good for Continuous high temperature resistance,help turbo more reliable.

These are Brand New N54 Turbochargers with an Upgraded Forged Billet Compressor Wheel
Comparable in flow to a 19T Turbo up to 775HP (stock power only 450hp)


High MIXED-Flow Forged Billet 11 Blade Ultra Flow GTX style Billet Compressor Wheel With Extended Tip Technology (11 blades, 46/58 mm) (stock size:35.7/46)

This is UPGRADED TD04L Turbine Wheel Available (9 blades , 41.2*47.2) (stock size:35/40)
TD04L9 Blade Ultra Flow Inconel Turbine Wheel (30% More Blade Surface Area Than The 11 & 12 Blade Wheel)

Oem Wastegate Actuators with Updated Thicker Rod, Billet End Link & Upgraded Billet Wastegate Pivot Arm Assembly

NEW IMPROVED Upgraded Dual Oil Port Thrust Assembly Machined From Copper Bar
Upgraded Thrust Collar & Spacer (14mm vs 10mm)

Component Balanced, Dynamic Balanced Than Vsr Balanced Using a State Of The Art Balancing Machine, Avg 0.5mg Or Less

Turbo Response is Absolutely Amazing.

Tune required!

Turbo Model: TD04-19T

Turbo part number:
49131-07000, 49131-07001, 49131-07006, 49131-07007, 49131-07010,
49131-07011, 49131-07015, 49131-07016, 49131-07107, 49131-07018,
49131-07019, 49131-07030, 49131-07031, 49131-07040
49131-07041, 49131-07065, 49131-07066, 49131-07067, 49131-07068,
49131-07069, 49131-07075, 49131-07076, 49131-07077, 49131-07078,
49131-07079, 49131-07161, 49131-07170, 49131-07180, 49131-07205,